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I’m Self Employed: Does that Mean I’m an Entrepreneur?

If I am on this planet only once and happen to also be conscious that one of my major life goals is to build entrepreneurial wealth, then am I just wasting time filling out 1099 tax forms? Is each hour you clock in building your boss’s dream actually taking time and energy away from manifesting yours?

Maybe… or maybe it’s setting you up to win and slowly creating the death of your wantrepreneur.

Frankly, the only person that can determine that is you.

So let’s get to it!

You Need to Know this Deep Down: What do you really want?


Captain of Your Ship
You are the Captain of Your Ship

Yes, you are the captain of your ship, but what kind of ship do you want to steer?

Is it a a Yacht so big, you can host global adventures on it with your friends? Or are you more concerned with having a reliable source of shelter, tranquility, and warmth- that gets you to awesome places, in style?

There is great power in clarity. Good questions create soil for clarity.

20 minutes to Clarity


Want to shine light on what it is you actually want to create as an Entrepreneur, but you’ve never actually been an Entrepreneur?

Here is a simple activity you can do today- in 20 minutes- that I guarantee- if done in letter and spirit- will lead to breakthroughs in how you view the value you can create in the world.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to a desk, put on headphones or be in silence, with no interruptions for 20 minutes.
  2. Sit up straight and breath in deep, like a meditation.
  3. Write down the following or copy and paste it into a word document.
  4. Focus on answering the questions over and over again below.
  5. Set a 20 minute timer.
  6. Keep going if inspired.

And be clear that you will not stop writing until the 20 minute mark. Want more proof this activity is worth your time? Google “the power of free writing.”

Questions for those Seeking Internal Answers


  • When I open my eyes in the morning, what’s the first feeling or thought that bubbles up to the surface?
  • When I’m out with friends, what are the topics that fire me up? What gets my juices flowing and excited to share? (If you have a hard time with this, ask 3 friends and see what they say.)
  • What do you dread about your current income generating activities? What do you love?
  • Are you going through the motions or have you figured out what it is you want to create so your energy and time is invested into value generating activities?
  • What do you want to create as a legacy for your children to know about in the future?
  • If you could be/do/have anything, what is it?

If You’re Still Figuring Out What You Can Give

Don’t worry. Everyone else is too and yet some people seem to figure it out and run with it sooner.

It took me about 3 years just to figure out that I massively enjoy creating paid media strategies that create results- whether sales, phone calls, leads, downloads, or whatever. Straight out of College, I would go on to sell telecommunications door to door so I could learn how to sell at a rate faster than if I took a cushy sales job at any other sales company.

When I was couch surfing in Brooklyn or bartending ,I had no clue that I’d be making ad campaigns. When I was backpacking in Colombia- years later- I invested my time and energy into creating content for brands and learning how I could set a structure for Death of a Wantrepreneur.

You never know what can happen if you follow your bliss.

Great things happen when you surrender to your committments.

In College I made that decision and right now I’m self employed.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Keep Hustling

The fact is that you can be, do, and have anything you want.

The main difference between a ditch digger and a millionaire, is the way they think.” – Think and Grow Rich

From the outside, my past experiences may look random and directionless, but the truth is that I was following what, at the time, was either my bliss or an experience I knew- at a deep level- that would help me get to the next level.

  • I have learned how to connect with clients and and sell products by spending almost a year selling door to door.
  • As a volunteer for Gratitude Training, I’ve gained so much insight into the power of giving and commitment.
  • Reading books on strategy, politics, power, marketing, sales, and behavior help me market myself and others.
  • Establishing systems for work I have done as a social media consultant have set the foundation for a system I am building for managing projects. (Here is a preview of how I use Evernote and Wunderlist.)
  • Being president of a non-profit in College helped me learn how to relate and lead.
  • Right now I am working on my writing skills.

The truth is I already knew I wanted to be an Entrepreneur before any of those experiences.

Perhaps deep down inside you know the same.

You can be anything, but you can’t be everything.

Clarity is a beautiful thing.

Is Entrepreneurship Something You Can Grow Into?

I am 100 percent convinced it is.

If you want to be convinced of it also (read: We can do what we believe we can,) then check out Napolean Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

Napolean Hill interviewed and worked closely with hundreds of wildly successful people to create a philosophy of success that has stood the test of time since it’s original publication in 1937.

I’ve read it four times.

Let’s make our dreams come true together!

Comment with your thoughts: do you think Entrepreneurship can be learned or do you have to be born with it? Are some people made to run their own business- whether self employed or a leader of a multinational organization?




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