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Content Strategy: Grab them By the Trending Topics


Immediately Upgrade Your Content Strategy with these 4 Tools:

Like omg did you know that in the last 24-48 hours Obama read some #MeanTweets outloud and they have gone viral?

Twitter Search Trending Topics

If you didn’t know that or if you’re usually the type that is confused about trends… It’s time to learn how to leverage trends without being stuck to the tv.

Here are 5 places you can look for trends online in a way that will spark new ideas for blog posts and new content angles.

Make it part of your content strategy or use these powers for what you will.


The free version gives you 10 results. While the pro is worth it, these 10 results could send you in the right direction.

Let’s use the one and only Donald Trump for our example.

Digital Media Content Strategy


So what can we learn when we look for trends in the last 24 hours about “Donald Trump?”

Mainly we learn that in the last 24 hours:

  1. Obama read some tweets about Donald outloud on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
  2. The Governator wishes he could run for POTUS.
  3. Trump thinks kids should be allowed to pray in school.
  4. What he said on recently discovered audio is still trending. Specifically, what he said about “grabbing women by the pussy.”

The free version shows only 10 results. But those ten results could help you brainstorm some wacky content that is more likely to get clicks.

Lets use a modern karate Studio as an example.

This is Tiffany and Jack.

Hip Hop Karate
Let’s pretend Tiffany and Jack own a Karate/Hip Hop studio in Brooklyn.

They are a hip, established karate meets hip hop studio in Brooklyn. They believe life should be fun and safe. That women and men should be able to defend themselves. In fact, they host a monthly event where martial artists, yogis, and breakdancers attend.

It’s a blast and teaches women how to defend themselves.

Considering the brand, positioning, and the above trends, Tiffany and Jack could create the following possible headlines as part of their promotion.

Potential headlines:

Headline 1: Karate for Single, Powerful Women #GrabThemBythe
Headline 2: Self Defense for the Modern Woman #GrabThemBythe
Headline 3: Brooklyn Self Defense Classes for Women #GrabThemBythe

By matching creative to the message, this event could POP in the minds of people browsing their Facebook or Twitter feeds. Hell. This could be a whole content strategy and fleshed out campaign, even.

Use Twitter to Find Trending Hashtags, Conversations, and New Material to Share with Your Audience

Donald Trump Twitter

You’re looking at the advanced search section of Twitter, above. And here are the results in real time.

But you can also search for:

  • exact dates
  • tweets from specific people, or about specific accounts
  • exact phrases and words

Additional Resources: Newsjacking and Trust Me I’m Lying

Want to read more about how modern brands, companies, and individuals are leveraging real time news and trends?

Check out these incredible books!



From the Newsjacking Amazon description:

The rules have changed. The traditional PR model—sticking closely to a preset script and campaign timeline—no longer works the way it used to. Public discourse now moves so fast and so dynamically that all it takes is a single afternoon to blast the wheels off someone’s laboriously crafted narrative.

Trust Me I’m Lying

Trust Me, I'm Lying by Ryan Holiday

Trust Me I’m Lying is a fun book! Ryan Holiday is the former director of marketing for American Apparel and serves as a strategist for several prominent brands. He gets that the world of marketing has shifted to allow individuals to leverage big media.

Read it.

Use Quora to Find Out What Professionals Want to Know

Quora is fan-freaking-tastic for researching transparent answers about topics, direct from professionals. You’ll find candid- never before seen- answers about all sorts of topics, such as: What is it like to be a drug dealer?  or Could We Ever Make a Real Lightsaber?

At it’s core, Quora is a question and answer site where people- usually connected to their professional identities- share their experiences and responses to questions from around the world. You’ll find responses from people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Adam Nash, JJ Abrams, Mark Cuban, and more.

Since we have focused, mostly, on the Donald, here are some things you can research about him with Quora:

Is Donald Trump Successful? If so, why?
How did Donald earn $4.5 billion?
Who is Donald Trump’s base? Why is he popular? Why are people voting for him? Why do people like and support him? 

The Power of Google Trends


Looks like announcing he was running for president made Trump the popular kid at the party.

With Google Trends, you can quickly find out when something become popular. You can search general categories like autos and vehicles, people and society, politics, technology, economics, and so much more.

You can specify where the data comes from, find related data, search only for images, and so much more!

Start Using these Digital Marketing Tools Today

If you’re not using Google Trends, Twitter Search, Quora, or the Buzzsumo App to find out what your target market reads and is up to, you are leaving opportunities on the table!

And believe me, someone out there is hungry enough to eat what you decided was not worth the hustle.

Got any other awesome tools you use for brainstorming your content? Let us know in the comments!



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